About Murl

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. My grandfather came here in the fall of 1939 and now four generations of my family can call it home.  I started working for my parent’s children’s cotton clothing business at 12, I was home schooled, ran a sports statistics company and bagged groceries at Albertson’s while going to Front Range Community College.   

I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003 with a BA in Economics.

Since that time, I have struggled getting into a well-paying career.  While I won’t go into all the details, I will say that negative government policies have played a significant role in my situation.  For one thing, the economy is overregulated.  These unnecessary regulations stifle the economy and make the number of good paying jobs much less than the number of people qualified to work in them.  If elected, I will work tirelessly to eliminate as many job killing regulations as possible. 

The second has to do with Affirmative Action laws.  Even though racism and sexism have little sway in our society anymore, these laws still put pressure on companies to have quotas on how many of their positions are filled by minorities and/or women.  This reality puts White Men such as myself at a disadvantage.  As a legislator, I will push for the elimination of Affirmative Action laws, so companies can always feel free to hire or promote the best person for the job.

Despite the obstacles I faced pursuing a career, I have done my best to make a positive impact on my communities. I have been involved with youth ministry, greeting and Sunday School teaching at the churches I have attended throughout my adult life.  I also coached golf at a small Christian school while living in Texas for 6 years. This included a state championship in 2013.  I continue today teaching young people golf by volunteering with the Junior Golf program at Flatirons Golf Course and Special Olympics in the summer.

I am currently working at a major retail store selling sporting goods and am actively pursuing a certification to become a Financial Planner.

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