About Murl Hendrickson

I grew up in Boulder, Colorado. My grandfather came here in the fall of 1939 and now four generations of my family can call it home. I started working for my parent’s children’s cotton clothing business at 12, I was home schooled, ran a sports statistics company and bagged groceries at Albertson’s while going to Front Range Community College.   

I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2003 with a BA in Economics.

Since that time, I have struggled getting into a well-paying career.  While I won’t go into all the details, I will say that negative government policies have played a significant role in my situation.  For one thing, the economy is over regulated.  These unnecessary regulations stifle the economy and make the number of good paying jobs much less than the number of people qualified to work in them.  If elected, I will work tirelessly to eliminate as many job killing regulations as possible. 

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Murl’s Endorsements

  • Charlie Danaher – Co-Chair, Boulder County Republicans.
  • Mike Dorsey – Attorney at Law.
  • Brad Beck – Activist.
  • Zach Goodell – Chair, Northern Colorado Young Republicans
  • Dan Murphy – Treasurer, Northern Colorado Young Republicans.
  • Mike McAlpine – Activist.
  • Drew Clark – Former State Representative.
  • Gary Cooper – Nominee for Boulder County Commissioner.
  • Peter Yu – Nominee for Congress, District 2.
  • Johnny Barrett – Nominee for State Board of Education, District 2.
  • Kevin Sipple, Nominee for HD 13.

Murl’s Platform

The 1st Amendment

I will fight for the full preservation of free speech rights for all Coloradans.

Size of Government

I will join the battle in reducing the waste and political favors that do not help our citizens.


Access to quality education should not be limited to the children of the wealthy.


I am pro-life and support abortions only in early term extreme circumstances.

Economy & Jobs

I oppose tax increases and believe in growing revenue by growing our economy.

The 2nd Amendment

I am a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

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